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Carbon Filters

Looking for hydroponic carbon filters? Discover A1M Hydro’s extensive range at unbeatable prices. We have a wide selection of brands available, including CarboAir and Rhino Pro in stock today.

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Why do I need a carbon filter?

Carbon filters are essential in grow rooms. They are used to scrub unwanted dirty air in your grow room, removing any odours, before releasing the filtered air. Choosing the correct, high quality filter is important, it needs to match your extractor fan so that it can perform efficiently.

You may find our blog useful for working out what the correct size extraction system for your grow room: Grow Room Ventilation


Fans Filters Ducting

CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter

From £54.95

Fans Filters Ducting

Rhino Pro Carbon Filter

From £41.95

Fans Filters Ducting

Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter

From £24.95
From £4.99