Mother Pukka: What’s the Story?

We recently sat down with the guys responsible for one of A1M Hydro’s most popular brand of nutrients and additives: Mother Pukka.

Determined to find out more about this word-of-mouth phenomenon, we asked the question: Mother Pukka… What’s the story? 

“The name ‘Mother Pukka’ was born one day when a group of friends were sat around a coffee table, as they so often did, having a drink and a chat. Suddenly somebody uttered the words “who’s wrapping up a mother pukka? Nobody quite remembers who said it first, or where they got it from, but it became a much used phrase amongst the group of friends.  Some ten years later this chance uttering of a random phrase would provide three of those friends with the perfect name for their latest amazing venture…

“It was, it would seem, inevitable that these three friends would become leading lights in the hydroponics industry, but they didn’t start out together. In the early 2000’s one of the founders of Mother Pukka went away to university and spent several years working in the bio chemistry field. He travelled the globe working in Holland alongside one of the biggest brands in the hydro industry and spent many years working on a vast array of projects gaining valuable knowledge, experience and trade secrets. He was later head hunted by, and subsequently joined, the biggest independent nutrient company in the world and moved to Canada. Based on what he already knew and the further insight he was about to gain by working with the best in the world, he would become one of the most highly decorated men in the hydroponics industry.

“Eventually a calling and a love for old blighty brought him back to the UK, and now he felt the time was right to put down his roots and use his vast knowledge to lead the way in the UK hydroponic market! 

“He linked back up with 2 of his old allies who had, Some 10 years earlier, opened a local hydroponic shop.  The shop had flourished due to their ability to connect and communicate with their customers. In no time the shop became somewhat of a Hub within the local community, a social club some would say. The advice and service these guys could offer was light years ahead of the local competition, the only problem was that their methods and advice would also soon reach the other shops and the trade secrets of NASA Hydroponics were soon readily available across Yorkshire! Over time this became very frustrating as any products they found and recommended to their customers soon caught the eye of other businesses in the area. Other shops would then decide to use them as loss-leaders to try and bribe NASA’s friends and customers away.

“The guys continued to work hard and their reputations grew far and wide. Eventually, due to demand from other towns across Yorkshire, they opened 3 further retail shops, collectively offering around 10,000 square feet of hydroponic retail delights. Following the success of the retail outlets NASA decided that they were now in a positon to be able to do something that not many hydroponics companies could do. They had decided that enough was enough and that their loyal customers and friends deserved something a little bit special. And that something would ensure that they would be the envy of the local growing community, they wanted to give their customers something no other shop could. And they knew exactly who to go to, to help make it happen.

“With a loyal customer base,  an amazing understanding of the UK hydroponics industry combined with the trade secrets from Holland and Canada’s finest hydroponic industry experts, the three old friends joined forces once again and Mother Pukka Nutrients was born…

“Due to the perfectionist nature of the guys involved, this was going to be a long and painful journey. Not only would a product have to be better than any other comparable product on the market for it to be included in the Mother Pukka range it, would also be rigorously tested.

“The base Nutrient was the first port of call. We all know the world’s best selling coco base nutrient, well Mother Pukka have bettered it. We think that most base nutrients lack nitrogen for the vegetative stage which cost valuable time and of course causes the yellowing of the your plants. with in the last 3-4 weeks of flower which can have a really negative effect on the all crucial Yield, Quality aromas and taste. Mother Pukka Coco the Clown coco feed has an amazing balance of all the same minerals but with added nitrogen to speed up the vegetative stage, and for flowering stage, the all important calcium and magnesium  to ensure that the plant doesn’t yellow prematurely and can use all the boosters that are added to gain

“But for Mother Pukka there was more to it than just quality and yield. The aim of the game was to also speed up the growing cycle, hence the Reggae Roots and Rocket Fuel. Also for the plant to end its life in the exact same health it starts its life, hence Budweiser, Root 66 and XXX. A plant that is in the best of health will reflect its happiness in its appearance, taste, and the aroma of its flowers. In order to enhance these characteristics even further, wizard of Oz is introduced through the entire flower cycle, this product boosts the plants metabolism, speeding up the photosynthesis process and not only increasing the size of the flowers but also the quality.

“There was now only one crucial element missing as far as the guys and their team of bio chemist were concerned. The plants and flowers have been given the royal treatment from propagation to harvest. So now it was time to introduce something that could push the boundaries and be able to increase the Yield potential of the already voluptuous harvests of our field trials. Monster PK 18/20 is not only designed to enhance the weight and size of the flowers but also to increase pollen levels within the flowers.

“The dream to become a global phenomenon is on!”

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