LED Grow Lights

Looking for hydroponic LED Grow Lights? Discover the best range range from the UK’s LED Grow Light Market with A1M Hydro’s extensive range at unbeatable prices. We have a wide selection of brands available, including GN Telos LEDSMaxibright LEDs and Lumatek LEDs in stock today.

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Why Switch to LED Grow Lights?

LED grow lights are the optimum solution for accelerated plant growth and development as well as explosive flowering. LED Grow Light technology is growing in popularity in the UK for first time growers and professional commercial growers alike. LEDs are easy to use, cost efficient (cheap to run), durable, strong, and offer full spectrum light for the vegetative and flowering phases for your plants.

While LED grow lights have been on the UK market for some time now, they have been poor quality to say the least. No more having to switch between veg and flowering on the cheap and nasty LED units. We offer the best, top quality LED grow light from the indoor plant industry leaders such as LumatekMaxibright and Telos.

Full spectrum LED grow lights produce the perfect wave length and range of light for strong plant crops and huge yields. There’s no longer a need to switch out your grow light lamps as your plants mature throughout the entire growth cycle. The massive advantage of using LED grow lights vs regular HPS is that LEDs operate at coolest temperature on the market.

The cooler running temperature reduces the risk of heat damage to your plants. Growers will often stop growing during the summertime due to the heat and stress. Now will new LED grow lights, you can grow all year round! Need to know more on why you should be upgrading your grow lights for LEDs? Check our our HPS vs LEDs Blog