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How To Stop Yellowing Plant Leaves

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"How do I stop my plant leaves from yellowing?"

We've all heard it before...

“Ah! My plant leaves are yellowing! What can I do?” – said pretty much anyone who has ever grown a plant. There are plenty of solutions to getting your plant leaves back to a nice and bright green colour, rather than a grimy yellow. But the real question is: what’s the most effective way? 

It’s important to look at the root cause of the issue (see what I did there). Make sure you are checking how often you’re watering your plants and ensure that they aren’t being ‘overwatered’. If you’re confident that the amount of watering they’re getting is good, then make sure you check the amount of sunlight your plants are getting. If your plants are getting enough sunlight, they’ll begin to yellow like a lemon!

After checking for signs of overwatering and lack of sunlight, the next step is to introduce ‘Budwiser’ – Mother Pukka’s newest addition to taking care of your plant’s overall health. This additive is the best doctor a plant could get. 

As you can see from the video above, one of the best solutions to stopping yellowing leaves in their tracks, is to introduce 0.25ml of Budwiser every time you feed your plants.

"This super organic growth enhancer contains a special formulation of amino acids, beneficial carbohydrates and plants vitamin that have masses of health benefits for your plant."

Spokesperson, Mother Pukka

If you’re still not sure about which solution is best for your specific plant / grow – then simply contact us. You can get expert advice from any of our in-house experts by using our Live Chat function (bottom right). With our live chat, you’ll be able to speak with growing experts that have decades-long experience in hydroponics and how to keep plants of all kinds healthy. 

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