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It's Easy! Returning Your Orders with A1M Hydro

Grower's Academy

Using our NEW Order Portal has never been easier!

Why would I want to return my order?

Returning your order is dead-easy! But why would you want to return it? There’s plenty of reasons:

– You ordered the wrong size
– You ordered by mistake
– Your order arrived faulty or damaged in transit
– Your order is missing parts
– The wrong item arrived
– Warranty reasons

You can also return your order if you’ve just changed your mind as well! In most cases you’ll have to cover the cost of returning the item, especially if you’ve changed your mind or ordered the wrong item. But if we’ve done something wrong, then we’ll always cover the cost of a return.

Using the Returns Portal

The order portal has been designed for ease – it’s been made to be completed with 3 easy steps. Just enter your order details, your contact details and reason for your return. 

Once you’ve completed the online return form, our returns team will send you an email explaining the next steps and how to send your order back. You’ll also receive an ‘RMA’ number. You’ll need your RMA number to successfully send back your order – if you don’t clearly display this on your package, we may be unable to offer you a full refund, an exchange for your order, or a replacement. 

What Now?

Once you’ve completed the return order form, simply wait for a response from our returns support team, which will email you about your RMA number and how to return your order successfully. When your returned order arrives at our warehouse, we’ll be able to action it appropriately. 


We’ve put the order portal together to make it easier for you to return and track your orders. If you have any ideas on how to improve things for A1M Hydro and our customers, like you, then please write to us: