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How To: Pot Your Seedlings

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How to Pot Your Seedlings

Here's the Rundown

So you’re leaving the propagation stage and need to pot your seedlings to give them more space. Today we’re going to go through the following:

  • What equipment you need
  • How to master the technique of potting a seedling
  • Tips, Hints & Other Tricks
For the purpose of this instructional guide, we’re assuming you have everything on the previous checklist from the blog guide below:

Checklist of what you'll need:

TIP: Don’t have these items? You can get them by clicking on the checklist items (opens in new tab). 

Filling Your Pots

1. Get your chosen Pots

Choose the pots that you'd like to use to pot your seedlings with. For transferring our Chili plants, we've decided to use a standard 1 Litre pot.

2. Fill Pots with Medium

Now fill your pots with a medium of your choice. We're using 60/40, but we wouldn't recommend using pebbles for such young plants.

3. Make Space for Seedling

Using your fingers, make a small hole in the medium/soil. This hole should be about 5cm deep - enough to support the plug.

4. Apply Reggae Roots in Hole

With your Reggae Roots, shake some of the solution into the small hole to promote root growth for your plant. Get a good amount in the hole.

5. Apply Reggae Roots on Plug

Make sure you do this over the pot, as to not waste any Reggae Roots. Apply the Reggae Roots growth solution directly to the plug.

6. Pot Plant Seedling

Place your seedling in the hole you've made and place medium around the top for extra support. Be sure to flatten the medium around the stem.

Giving Your Plants a Boost

Why is it important to boost your plants?

Giving your plants to best head start in it’s life is vital to getting great results with yield, quality and more! We’ve decided to use Root66, which is a versatile root feed, which can be used in any sort of medium or system. The purpose of Root66 is to explode root growth – allowing your plant to suck up more nutrients from the medium. 

1. Get your Syringe Kit, Jug and Root 66

Make sure you've got all of the equipment you need to begin boosting your seedlings to grow healthy from day 1.

2. Extract Root 66 with Pipette

Place your pipette from your syringe kit, into the bottle of Root66 and get the right measurement for your water mix. Feed chart in image below.

3. Mix Root 66 with Water

Apply the Root 66 solution to the water using the pipette and then stir well. Once the Root 66 and water are mixed, extract using the syringe.

4. Apply Root 66 & Water Mix to Plant

Simply use the syringe above the potted plant and dispatch generously and with whatever the feed charts advises. The Root 66 mixture should increase and fortify the health of your roots - allowing them to soak up more nutrients in the medium.