Fan Controllers – Which is the BEST for me?

There’s so many options out there on the hydroponic market today, ranging from Dimmer Switches, Thermostatically Controlled Fan Controllers, Variac Fan Controllers and Hybrid Fan Controllers.

What’s the difference between these fan controllers?

Dimmer Switches – Simple, cheap and effective at running smaller grow rooms with only 1 fan. If you are just starting out and on a budget, the Variispeed Fan Controller is a good place to start.

Thermostatically Controlled Fan Controllers – Thermostatic fan controllers use a thermostatic probe to detect the temperature in your grow room. Simply set the desired temperature on the fan controller using the dials on the fan controller and it will AUTOMATICALLY increase and decrease the fan speed depending whether the room is above or below the set grow room temperature. 

For use with a single extraction fan we’d recommend the Control Freak Single Thermostatic Fan Controller.

If you are using both an Inlet and Outlet Extraction fan, the SMS Twin Fan Controller would be better suited for your needs.

Variac Fan Controllers – Similar to the standard dimmer switches, however, Variac Fan Controllers are built to handle bigger, more powerful fans such as the Tornado Box Fans which run at higher ampage. Variac Fan Controllers are what are known as “Step controllers”. Simply manually increase or decrease the speed of the fan in “steps” using the dial on the fan controller unit. If you are looking for a cheap way to eliminate fan humming or buzzing, the Variac Fan Controller is for you!

Here is a link to our Variac Fan Controllers

Hybrid Fan Controllers – The name says it all really, Hybrid Fan Controllers combine features from both Variac Fan Controllers and regular Thermostatic Fan controllers meaning they can handle larger more powerful fans. Hybrid Fan Controllers control your fans thermostatically meaning you won’t need to manually change the fan speed yourself.

Not only are Hybrid Fan Controllers built to handle, bigger, more powerful fans, but they can do it AUTOMATICALLY while eliminating fan humming or buzzing meaning the Fan Controller unit is SILENT!

We it comes to Hybrid Fan Controllers, there’s nothing better than the G.A.S Hybrid Fan Controller.

Will a fan controller make my fan hum or buzz?

A common question we get here at A1M Hydro! All fan controllers will make your fan hum or buzz unless you go for either a Variac Fan Controller -or- a Hybrid Fan Controller. The more powerful the fan, the louder the hum or buzz. 

Why don’t Variac and Hybrid Controllers make my fan hum or buzz?

Variac and Hybrid Fan Controllers eliminate the buzzing due to the way that they handle the current of electricity going through the unit. While dimmer switches and standard thermostatic fan controllers use circuit boards to handle the power, Variac and Hybrid Fan Controllers use magnetic cores. You can generally tell the difference between these types by the weight of the Fan Controller unit.

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