Essentials pH Pen Digital Meter

Essentials pH Pen Digital Meter

Essentials pH Pen Digital Meter

The Essentials PH meter is a professional and very reliable hand held meter that is used for testing the PH level in a liquid solution.

  • 0.1 increment readings
  • Highly accurate readings in 20 seconds
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Automatically temperature compensated
  • 1-3 year life span
  • Built in energy saving mode
  • Low battery indicator

The Essentials pH meter gives you a reading in 0.1 increments which provides you with a highly accurate reading to ensure you have your solution at the correct level.                        

This pH meter is very easy to use. First turn on the meter and immerse the sensor into your solution and the unit will instantly display the pH reading on the large screen, for you to easily read it.                        

To ensure you are receiving accurate readings time after time, we recommend you regularly calibrate your pH meter with a Buffer solution of a fixed and known pH.

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