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Which Size Pot Is Best For Me?

In Collaboration with ALIEN® Hydroponics
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"So, what size pot do I need?" Let's find out.

In Collaboration with ALIEN®

We’re working with ALIEN® Hydroponics to help you figure out what size pot you need for your ALIEN® Grow System. Don’t worry though – you can still use this guide, even if you don’t have a system, such as an EasyFeed.

ALIEN® Hydroponics are the UK’s leading producer of high-quality and premium grow feed systems. You can find out more about ALIEN® Hydroponics by visiting their website.

1. Size Matters & Why

Aubergines in crate big size

Having the correct pot size is actually very important for two main reasons. The first reason being that, if you use the wrong size pot, your plant’s roots could outgrow or affect your grow system’s recirculation and draining abilities. Reason number two being that, with the correct pot sizing you’ll have better manoeuvrability around your grow room when transplanting and using your system.

2. Things To Consider

seedlings in tray starter blocks for growing

The main factors to keep in mind, when selecting the best pot size are the following:

– Grow Room Dimensions
– Number of Plants

Take this for example: A space of 2×2 metres can house an RDWC 16 pot 20L system, with plant spacings of 50cm OR a 9 pot 36L system with spacings of 66cm. Best practice dictates that 20L pots work best with spacings between centres being 50-60cm, whilst larger 36L pots work best with spacings around 60-75cm. If you’ve got a AERO/RAIN (15L, 30L) and or an EasyFeed (16L, 22L, 30L) system, the same practice can be applied.

3. Doing The Maths

maths equations calculate pot size

To find out the perfect plant spacings for your grow room, you can do the following calculations (change values as needed):

Grow Room Size = 2m x 2m
Number of Pots = 9 Pots (3 rows of 3)

200cm ÷ 3 (pots) = 66cm spacings

Here’s another example:

Grow Room Size = 3m x 3m
Number of Pots = 16 Pots (4 rows of 4)

300cm ÷ 4 (pots) = 75cm spacings

We hope this simple equation solves your spacing queries… speaking of space… ALIEN® systems have the option to put the header pot outside of the grow area – this maximises yield potential. If you need further information about pot spacings, you can contact us via live chat or