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Firstly, I’d like to thank A1M Hydro for asking me to do a piece for their blog.

It would be great to use this privileged spot to talk about all things organic and everything that organic growers want to know about Biobizz. From the history of the company to the latest launches, we’ll cover growing in coco, pH regulating and more interesting topics. Let’s go!

A bit about Biobizz

Biobizz was founded in Holland in 1992 with a mission to bring sustainable agriculture, with the maximum taste, aroma and flavour, to every grower, without sacrificing yield.

As we have expanded over the years we relocated to Spain. Biobizz is now sold in over 65 countries worldwide and is still expanding. We continue to be an industry leader and our 100% organic products are loved by millions who have a passion for growing.

Research, innovation, and development is a key part of Biobizz, as the growing world continues to evolve and growers require only the best for their plants. We work closely with many official organisms, universities, research centres, 3rd party certification organisms, and legislators, among others.

Sustainability is a key part of our philosophy, so we do our bit to protect the planet not only by thinking about our packaging, recyclability and our waste but with community drives like our #ZeroPlastiko project, where the team in Spain along with locals did a beach clean-up in the Basque country.  

While  this year has been very different, with Covid 19 impacting us all, and we haven’t been able to attend evens and interact with consumers in familiar ways, all the team has worked tirelessly  making the most of social media, emails, and new ways to interact with growers and ensuring that we can deliver the great service and products you deserve!

Let’s cover the most asked!

“I’d love to use Biobizz but don’t want to suffer loss in yield!”

Contrary to popular belief, it is absolutely possible to get fantastic yields with organic growing, you just need to understand the method and the difference between mineral growing and organics and hone your technique, very much like if you change your light from HPS to an LED, you’ll need to adjust some aspects of your grow to suit.

Mineral fertilizers are made up of refined salts that are dissolved into a solution of water. When watered to the roots, they are immediately available for the plant to uptake and use. Feeding different mineral elements at different times in the growth cycle, i.e. adding PK in early flower, will steer the plant.

Organic fertilizers don’t used refined salts. Instead they use natural matter, some of which is not immediately available to the plant and needs to be broken down by the soil life (beneficial bacteria and fungi), otherwise called the microherd.

A nice comparison with humans is as follows; mineral fertilisers are similar to getting nutrients from an intravenous drip, they are absorbed immediately into the blood. Organic nutrients are similar to eating food, they need to be digested and are then absorbed by our body.

The microherd and the plant form a symbiotic relationship whereby the herd

processes the fertilizers for the plant making them available to uptake, the plant produces waste which the herd then reprocesses back into a food source.  

This natural process allows the plant to develop on its breeder’s intended path, rather than being steered by swings in NPK.

It’s this relationship between the Beneficial’s and the plant that is key. You need to look after the life in the substrate as much as the plant. Damaging these microorganisms will have a massive effect on yield. Get this balance right by making sure you don’t over water or let the media dry out or damage them with harsh chemicals like potassium hydroxide or phosphoric acid (typical pH up and down). Follow this path and you can achieve very high yields, as well as the flavours taste and aroma that comes with growing organically.

Tips for getting more and better yield 

Make sure you use the Bio·Grow all way through flower, as well as Bio·Bloom and Top·Max, as the carbs contained in Bio·Grow power the microherd.

To really maximise yield use Bio·Heaven this is our organic booster for incredible flower development! Some benefits of this product are:


  • Raises uptake of Nutrient and trace-elements
  • Boosts metabolism and accelerates growth and flowering production
  • Gives visible results in days
  • Enables growers to achieve both quality and quantity

Can I use Biobizz in coco?

The answer is yes! We offer an amazing 100% organic Coco·Mix that makes a great combination with our liquid nutrients!

We came out with several products to realise the potential of organics in coco. Enabling you to experience the quality of organics with the high yielding properties of this super aerated substrate.

 As coco is inherently inert, it doesn’t contain any beneficial microorganisms. In order to make the most of this substrate and the nutrients we have giving in every watering, we need to use an enzymatic product that plays a similar role to this microherd. Within the Biobizz range, this is Acti·Vera, our 100% organic metabolism activator derived from aloe.

Control over pH is essential in coco to ensure nutrients are always available to the plant. But, remember, regular pH Up and Down are not suitable for organic gardeners. Our organic pH adjustors are friendly to the microherd whilst giving you full control over the pH of your nutrient solution (6.0 – 6.4 for optimum results).

Finally, coco likes to cling on to calcium, so it is a good idea to run our Calmag alongside the base nutrients and additives. In RO or soft water, this product is essential!

Do I need to pH adjust in soil?

It’s up to you! The soil is buffered already and the soil beneficial life will adjust pH, if needed. However, results from trials conducted with a Spanish university showed that plants grown with pH adjustment had a significant increase in terpene and essential oil production, plus an increase in yield. So, professional growers, looking for the ultimate organic results, should absolutely use Biobizz pH adjustors. Terpenes are key to improving flavour, taste and aroma and we are all after that!

What makes your Bio·pH+ and Bio·pH- different than others? 

Well, they are certified organic for starters! But, the main point is that they are friendly to the microherd, as mentioned before the key to organic growing is the relationship between plant and the life in the substrate. You will damage this essential life with aggressive pH adjustors. And, therefore, you are damaging your potential yield.

Likewise if you are buying and adding other beneficial products such as mycorrhizal fungi or similar inoculants, even if you are not going down a fully organic path, choose our non-aggressive Bio pH adjustors and realise the true potential of those inoculants.


Bio·pH+ and Bio·pH- don’t contain any strong acids, so they are safer for the microorganisms, the plant, and the grower. These organic pH regulators are also very easy to use and act quickly (in about 10 seconds). You can use them in every watering without any problem and they are even suitable for hydroponics.

Why have you brought out a Calmag?

Growing in soft water, or particularly with RO water, without adjusting with a Calmag can lead to deficiencies. So we developed an organic option for our customers. The components are suspending in humic acid, so it also helps with nutrient uptake.

To apply, there are different dosages depending on whether you are fixing water or solving a deficiency, either way the nice thing with Biobizz Calmag is that it’s Nitrogen-free formula won’t send your NPK levels through the roof. Plus, it’s certified organic, of course!

For me, the true test of bringing a product to market is hearing the feedback from growers and the response so far has been fantastic.

I hope this answers some of your questions. If you wish to find out more, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask! The Biobizz Team is ready to help you out via email ( and social media (@biobizzwwo on Facebook and Instagram).

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