Beat the Heat With Our 5 Step Checklist

Sudden heatwaves in the UK can really upset your grow. Find out how to beat the heat in our Summer checklist.

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If you are a familiar face in our grower’s academy, you will probably have already read our guide on Grow Room Ventilation by Rich Hamilton. That guide covers the basics on understanding the requirements in your grow room but that pesky British summer can still play havoc with your plans…

LED Grow Lights

In recent years LED Grow Lights have become more and more popular. Not just for their energy efficiency but also because of the lesser heat they produce compared to HPS grow lights. This is a life safer in summer. For your plants, literally!

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Air Coolers and Movement Fans

Struggling to sleep at night in that stuffy bedroom? Imagine how your plants are coping with your grow lights baring down on them. It is important to keep the air moving inside of your grow room so moisture doesn’t build up in between the leaves and cause problems later down the line such as bud rot or powdery mildew.

Air coolers, such as the ORA Air Cooler, uses water evaporation technology to add cooler moister air into your grow room. This helps your plant to continue to respire and thrive during the higher temperatures with less stress.


Humidity is relative to the temperature in your grow room. The higher the temperature, the more water the air can hold which naturally can lead to a lower humidity level. If you allow the humidity level to drop too low plants struggle to hold onto water and may begin to wilt. Simply place a RAM Humidifier into your grow room to add extra water into the air.


Co2 or Carbon Dioxide is used by plants to photosynthesise. But why should you use Co2 in your grow room? Not Only does Co2 at 1200-1500 PPM help your plants grow faster and yield more it also helps your plant to thrive in higher temperatures. It can be added to your grow very easily with Co2 bags or cans.

Vitalink Chill

Vitalink Chill is an additive that can be added into your nutrient mix. It contains a combination of betaines, which act as osmoprotectans, vitamin B1, gibberellins and auxins. Betaines play an important role in plants to protect them against damage caused by heat. Vitamin B1 allows the plant to cope better with heat stress.

In summary

We hope that by following this 5 easy point checklist not only will you beat the heat this summer but your plants continue to thrive regardless of whatever the weather throws at you!



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