About Us

Like most great ventures, Nasa Hydroponics started as a simple idea between two great friends. One had been working in the hydroponics industry for a number of years, the other was a green fingered grower, both had the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for growing that is takes to set up a truly great hydroponics company.

Their vision was to create something that they wished had been around when they first started growing. A place where everything a grower could possibly need could be found under one roof, but with something extra. And that something extra was a warm friendly welcome, sound advice delivered in simple terms and a holistic approach to helping and supporting growers achieve their goals, whatever their budget may be. Surprisingly these things could be hard to come by. Condescending experts in a closed shop atmosphere were much more the norm. They were determined to change that.

In February of 2009 the first branch of NASA Hydroponics opened in Rotherham. The initial dream had, to some degree, been achieved, but much more was to come. The response to the change in style found by our customers meant that people were recommending NASA to their friends from further afield, these friends would tell us how they wished they had a NASA in their own town, and so the decision to expand across Yorkshire was taken. The 3800sq ft NASA superstore was opened in Barnsley in 2010, closely followed by NASA Doncaster in 2011 and most recently NASA Wakefield in 2016. In all,Nasa Hydroponics has over 10,000sq ft of retail space across Yorkshire.

Over the years the NASA ethos has grown and developed and it has become even more apparent that the things that are important to our customers must be important to us. We pride ourselves on the wide range of products that we stock, over 3000 at glance but surely more, and we insist upon giving our customers an option on budget without sacrificing too much on quality. This means stocking the very best of the best in UK manufactured hydroponic equipment, whilst also seeking out and stocking the best value for money, quality imported stock from all around the world, all sold with the NASA guarantee for excellence.

Another hugely important factor in our ethos is our staffing policy. Only the right combination of expertise and product knowledge, mixed with the right amount of customer service experience will do. Nobody wants to be spoken too like an idiot, but at the same time the customer needs to know that the person’s to whom they go for advice, have the knowledge and experience to recognize their problem and be able to provide them with the right solution. This is why every branch of NASA Hydroponics has a branch manager with at least 10 years growing experience. Add to this the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere and there you have the essence of what NASA is about. We have also committed to making ourselves available to the customer as much as possible, this is why we are open 7 days a week, all bank holidays and most of Christmas too, we also have a late night opening on Wednesday evenings, when we are open till 7pm.

Having conquered the retail market with unprecedented growth, NASA decided it was time to bring our own particular style to the online market. In 2011 we set up our sister company A1M Hydro and by applying the same values and unsurpassed levels of customer service that had served us so well atNasa Hydroponics , within 5 years we had garnered over 40,000 feedback, 100% of which is positive. We are still the only online hydro store that has managed to achieve and maintain this extraordinary feat.

A1M Hydro offers quite an incredible service. Next day delivery in the UK on over 3000 items, from the smallest single parcel to an infinite amount of pallets, we will get it to you swiftly and safely. Need something delivering to Europe? North America? Or even further a field? Just tell us where and we will get it there. Now we have the infrastructure and the experience and we are giving you the opportunity to do this directly with NASA Hydroponics

All of this still wasn’t enough for NASA Hydroponics, and producing our own products was the next logical step. We started with a relay contactor/timer, the Fusion. Available in 4way, 6way and 8way, it stands up to any contactor on the market. Never mind the BLACK box, or the GREEN power, our PURPLE fusion is our biggest selling contactor and our customers love it for its durability and reliability.

By far our greatest success to date has to be our Mother Pukka nutrient range. Starting with our Coco A&B base nutrient in 2012, we decided to give our customers exactly what they wanted from a nutrient range. NASA Hydroponics has worked tirelessly to produce NOT just another range of nutrient, but the best. Rigorous lab testing and comprehensive field testing over long periods have enable us to perfect each nutrient and give ourselves, and our customers, the confidence you need to commit to a range of nutrient. Let’s not kid ourselves, to growers our plants are like our children, and are often heavily invested in, so to ask people to feed their plants something mediocre just wouldn’t do for us.

We now have an entire range of high quality premium plant nutrients consisting of varied base nutrients, a super smelly root stimulant, a foliar spray that encourages dense bushy growth, an organic growth enhancer, a true booster, a premium P.K product, a mycorrhizal fungi rooting powder and much much more. Check them out, they are seriously good, and if you shop on A1M Hydro or NASA Hydroponics, you may drop on some great deals on Mother Pukka Nutrients, you may also pick up a few freebies from time to time.

So what’s next for NASA Hydroponics? Well that would be telling, but be sure to watch this space, as it’s bound to be amazing.

Nasa Hydroponics is the Number 1 retailer of Hydroponic equipment in Yorkshire. We offer 4 large retail stores situated in Barnsley , Doncaster, Rotherham & Wakefield.

Head Office:

Nature & Science Agriculture LTD

Unit 16 Oaks Business Park

Oaks Lane


S71 1HT

Email: a1mhydro@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone: 01226 80 56 56

Company number: 6815845

VAT Number: GB977708951