black shrink wrap


All singular items are dispatched from our warehouse in 100% discreet black-wrap and bubble wrap. 

Why do you use Bubble Wrap?
We use bubble wrap so that your item loses it’s shape when it’s black wrapped; just type ‘discreet packaging’ on Google Images, and you’ll see what we mean.

How strong is the Black Wrap?
Not very, so that’s why we wrap your items multiple times and protect them with bubble wrapping. 


Bigger or multiple orders are dispatched together from our warehouse in a discreet brown box, with just your name and address present.

What physical protection does my item have? 
Depending on what the item is, we’ll be wrapping your items with bubble-wrap or be using packing peanuts / loose-fill chips.

Does it say what’s inside the box?
Nope! None of our packages that leave our warehouse say what’s inside on the box. A1M Hydro pride ourselves on delivering discreetly – we’ve been doing it right since 2009.

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Why Discreet Packaging?

Because you’ve been asking for it since 2009! We’ve always provided discreet packaging for our customers and will continue to do so… that’s why we’re one of the UK’s most trusted and best rated Hydro Grow Shops – we take care of our customers, new & existing, because we want the best for the Grower Community.

Discreet Packaging is an industry-standard for the hydroponics world – set by people like us, that look out for your needs. If you have a special request for your order – let us know, just drop us a line or use our live chat system.